Tips on How to Clean and Maintain Your Septic Tank System

Septic tank cleaning and maintenance is a crucial part of taking care of your property’s plumbing system. Lack of proper maintenance can lead to numerous plumbing system challenges. Such problems may include sewage leaching, sewer back-ups, huge plumbing bill and the need to replace the system.

Regular septic tank servicing helps to prevent solids entering and accumulating in the septic field. Solid build up can cause septic field failure. Proper septic tank system maintenance will prolong the life of the tank while saving you money. Here are tips on how to clean and maintain your septic tank system:

Create a Routine for Septic Tank Pumping

Your septic tank may be large, but waste sludge can accumulate in a few years. Most septic tanks in Chestermere are a simple two-compartment tank with one lid or access point. You can open the tank’s lid to check if the tank is full. When the tank has not reached its capacity, you will see a divider or baffle wall separating the two compartments. If you cannot spot the divider, your septic tank may be full, or you may have pump issues.When the septic tank reaches its capacity, it should be pumped by a professional septic tank pumping company. Call for pumping assistance every two years if your household has four or fewer permanent residents. If more than four people live there, an annual servicing is essential.

Plumbing Inspection

You should get a plumber to inspect your plumbing system. The plumber should examine all components and parts of the system to diagnose and repair any problems. Common problems include cracked pipes, leaks, and damaged mechanisms. The plumber should also check other plumbing fixtures such as toilets and drains. Early detection and repair will prevent further damage and, therefore, prolong the life of the system.

Plumbing System Maintenance

For your plumbing system to run efficiently, it requires proper maintenance. With proper maintenance, septic tanks in Cochrane can last a long time. Regular cleaning practices are a starting point. After cleaning with an effective cleaning product, run hot water through the system. The hot water will flush out any residue and organic matter. It’s also important to flush a bacterial enzyme down your toilet. The enzyme can clear the lines and help in removing bad smells. Similarly, you should avoid putting harmful items down the toilet and drains. Items that can damage the system include chemical products and garbage.

A company skilled in cleaning septic tanks in Chestermere and septic tanks in Cochrane can also help you. The company can inspect your system, and clean your septic tank and the surrounding areas.

Drain Field Maintenance

You should keep the drain field clear and flood resistant. To achieve this, remove tree roots that may be on or near the drain field. You should also divert water drainage systems away from your drain field. Flooding can affect sewage treatment. Flooding can also release the septic system’s water. Too much water in your drain field can also lead to a back-up in the system.

You should also ensure that no heavy items are on the area surrounding the septic tank. Heavy items can put pressure on the area causing the soil to compact.

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