Diesel Engine Repair Truck Rebuilds

The heavy commercial vehicle industry is a key factor in ensuring efficient and speedy transportation to end users. To ensure efficiency and reliability, vehicle maintenance and repair such as truck engine rebuilds is periodically required. Very often the cargo trucks are required to travel long distances, an example of this being long distance routes in and around mid west Canada.

Fortunately, in first world countries, cities like Lloydminster have recognised truck repair dealerships and engineering workshops to cater for the heavy demands in the trucking industry. We are one such company, and it is hardly easy to talk about truck pump rebuilds in Lloydminster without our name springing to the fore. We offer a team of well trained technicians who are qualified to perform a variety of services thereby offering our customers superb after-sales support thus ensuring minimal downtime. Downtime in the transport industry is a huge factor as it affects the profitability of the transport contractor as well as affecting the service provider reliability.

A company of our standing offers critical service requirements such as:

  • Safety Inspections – these safety inspections include among other a ‘health check’ ensuring that the truck is reported and repaired in order to comply with safety and efficiency standards.
  • Hydraulic Repairs – some cargo carrying trucks are equipped with a crane which is used to load and unload cargo. The immense hydraulic pressure required to carry out loading and unloading functions causes wear and tear to the high pressure oil seals and hydraulic pipes. Hydraulic valves are overhauled periodically to ensure efficiency and safety
  • Pump Repairs – some trucks depending on their application are fitted with pumps to expel water, fuel, chemicals, and grain. These pumps require periodic maintenance due to wear and tear.We carry sufficient inventory to cater for pump overhaul requirements.
  • Truck Engine Rebuilds – even well maintained engines require a rebuild from time to time due to wear and tear. Items most commonly required for such rebuilds include piston liner kits, crankshafts, cylinder heads, turbo chargers, injectors, injector pump overhauls, coolant systems such as radiator and inter cooler repairs, and engine overhaul gasket kits.
  • Transmission Services – trucks are either fitted with manual or automatic transmissions. Repairs and maintenance to these transmissions are professionally carried out by companies in Lloydminster. Transmission failure is often a cause for break downs leading to costly repairs and vehicle downtime.
  • Suspension Repairs – Many companies in Lloydminster carry a large range of shock absorbers, spring packs, spring blades and air bellows to cater for suspension maintenance and repairs.
  • Custom Fabrication – We have qualified artisans that are able to manufacture custom fabrications such as wind spoilers, grain tanks, water tanks, diesel bowsers and tailor made super link and interlink trailers.
  • Aluminium and Steel Welding – to facilitate and manufacture custom fabrications we have boilermakers who specialise in aluminium and steel welding.

Truck engine rebuilds is important and its vital that trucking companies adhere to maintenance plans and regular safety inspections to ensure that their heavy duty vehicles are operating at their optimum. Consult truck pump rebuilds in Lloydminster for all your trucking rebuild needs today!

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